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The Fiorucci brand is the benchmark for Italian Deli meats, one which has grown steadily over 160 years, thanks to the authenticity and superb flavor of its products.

TRULY AUTHENTIC ITALIA. The story of Fiorucci can be traced back to the 1850s when Innocenzo Fiorucci, the owner of a small meat shop in Norcia, would visit Rome each winter to sell Norcinetto—a flavorful dry sausage from his hometown. After many successful years of traveling sales, Innocenzo settled in Rome and opened his own shop that specialized in the traditional preparation of cured meats.

Building on their father’s legacy, the next generation of the Fiorucci family expanded the business even further. One of Innocenzo’s visionary sons, Cesare, created a chain of Norcinerie (Norcia-style meat shops) which quickly won popularity in Rome.

Since then, the Fiorucci family’s dream of providing delicious products to people across the globe has become a reality. Their Italian specialty meats, now also made in the United States and using the family’s treasured recipes, are still hand trimmed, seasoned with the finest spices, and carefully aged. As leading producers of specialty meats, they partnered with Campofrio Food Group, an international meat processing group, to spread the story of these authentic Italian specialties around the world.

Fiorucci is part of Sigma’s brands portfolio. Sigma is a global food company dedicated to bring local favorite foods to communities everywhere. With presence in 18 countries worldwide, Sigma offers quality food at a range of price points and across diverse categories.

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Fiorucci is the brand of specialty meats that delivers the true taste of Italy.

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